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Why Start Your Morocco Tour From Casablanca?

Why Start Your Morocco Tour From Casablanca?

Discover Morocco through an itinerary tour from Casablanca

Casablanca is the first city that comes to many people’s minds when you mention Morocco. Spanish for the White House, Casablanca is the biggest Moroccan city and the pumping heart of the Moroccan economy. Since Casablanca is the first economic center in Africa, it’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the continent, making it very tourist-friendly. 


Starting your Morocco tour from Casablanca will allow you to get to know Morocco from a whole different perspective. As opposed to other popular Moroccan cities like Marrakech and Fez, Casablanca is a coastal city with some decent beaches, which is also a plus if you’re into sunbathing on a beach. 


So, let’s find out why you should start your Morocco journey from Casablanca, known among the locals as “Casa”.

Tours from Casablanca

Tours and trips that starts from Casablanca to the desert and several cities

First, let’s Find Out More About Casablanca!

There’s a lot to know about Casablanca if you’re interested in the city. Casa has been one of the key locations for some of the most important events in history. And aside from its delightful weather, Casablanca is a lively city. While it might be too loud for your taste, it’s part of the aesthetic of Casablanca. 
Let’s find out more about the city, starting with history. 

History of Casablanca

The history of Casablanca is divided into three stages for the sake of convenience.

Stage I

The area we know now as Casablanca is believed to be inhabited ever since the 7th century BC. The original settlers were the Amazighs. In the old times, the coasts of Casablanca were a remarkable port for the Phoenicians and later the Romans. 
Leo Africanus (an Andalusian Diplomat and Geographer from the 15th century AD) describes the city of Anfa (the old name for Casa) as the most prosperous city on the Atlantic coasts, thanks to its fertile lands. 
Casablanca (Anfa back then) was a major settlement of the old Berber Independent state of Barghawata, which rose along with many other Berber states against the Ummayad Caliphate in the 8th century AD. 
Casablanca remained part of the Barghawata state until the Almoravid Dynasty conquered it in the 12th century AD, adding it to the Moroccan empire, which used to include Southern Spain (Andalusia) and Portugal. The Arabs mixed with the Amazighs during these times, making Casablanca one of the first areas in Morocco where the Moroccan Dialect developed, which is essentially a bastard language developed from mixing Arabic and Tamazight. 

Stage II 

In the 14th century, Anfa was one of the main ports of the Atlantic before a major revolt against the ruling dynasty (the Mirinids) that resulted in the port becoming a hub for outlaws and pirates. The Portuguese saw an opportunity in the chaos, which lead them to seize the port, destroying everything, and rebuilding it to their advantage. That’s when Casablanca got its contemporary name; the Portuguese built a white military fortress in the location that they named Casa Branca, i.e., the white house. 
After an earthquake destroyed the European settlements in the 18th century, Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah (1756–1790) rebuilt the city, keeping its Portuguese name. In Arabic, it’s spelled ad-Dār al-Bayḍāʼ (الدار البيضاء), which is a direct translation to the Spanish name casa blanca. The city grew to be a strong port again with the support Spaniards. 

Stage III

By the end of the 19th century, Casablanca was one of the main trade centers between the Muslim world and Europe, with tea being transported from Britain, making its first introduction to Moroccan culture back in those times. 
By the dawn of the new century (20th century) the colonial eandevours of France succeeded in subjugating the city under their infleunce. 
Casablanca also played a major role in WWII for holding the famous Anfa Conferance where U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with other Allies generals discussed the progress of the war. 
In 1956 AD, Morocco regained its full independence, which made Casablanca go through many changes that led to where the city is today: one of the most important economic and cosmopolitan hubs of Africa. 

Geography of Casablanca

As mentioned before, Casablanca is located in Western Morocco on the coast of the Atlantic. Casablanca has some of the most fertile lands in Morocco, making agriculture a big thing in the region. 
Casablanca is home to more than 3 million people, and it covers an area of 220 km2 (80 sq mi). The industry sector is also a big thing in Casablanca, with most of Morocco’s industry being there. 

The climate of Casablanca

The climate of Casablanca is considered a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Casablanca gets its cool breezes from the Canary currents of the Atlantic. A lot of Americans find the climate of Casablanca very similar to Los Angles. Casablanca is mostly sunny the whole year with an average of 72 days of rain.  
Starting your Morocco tour from Casablanca will prepare you for the climate in Morocco, which tends to be really hot in the non-costal cities. 

Culture of Casablanca

As you can deduce from the history of Casablanca, it’s a culturally diverse city. While it’s a cosmopolitan city, Islam is still the most dominant religion in Casa. You can tell that by looking at Hassan II mosque, which is one of the most culturally significant buildings in Morocco. 
Casablanca is a busy city that’s hard to keep up with. People from all sorts of life inhabit the city. And there’s a huge range of diversity when it comes to social and economic status. Casa can be very luxurious at times, but it can also be very down-to-earth and even seem poor in many places. 
Casa is also known for its rich art scene; it’s one of the best places to explore contemporary Moroccan art if that’s your thing. There are plenty of galleries, cultural centers, music shows, movies, and museums to explore in Casablanca before you head to other spots in Morocco. 

People of Casablanca

People from all walks of life inhabit Casablanca. People from all over the world live in Casa. Aside from the significant community of Sub-Saharan Africans who live in Casa, there’s a Jewish community, a Christian community, a Chinese community, and any type of community you can think of in Casablanca.

Festivals in Casablanca

If you’re lucky enough to have time to schedule your tour from Casablanca during a local festivity, you’ll be able to experience a different face of the city. 
Some of the most important occasions for people in Casablanca are Muslim holidays like the month of Ramadan and the Eid Adha holiday (the holiday of sacrifice). 
Other cultural festivals include: 

Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

Why Are Tours From Casablanca More Convenient?

While Morocco isn’t exactly the biggest country, making moving around not a big challenge, starting your tour from Casablanca is a good move if you want to visit everything. It’s also a fun city that would allow you to familiarize yourself with Morocco.  

Casablanca Is Situated Strategically

Casablanca is situated in the middle of all the interesting parts of Morocco. Casa is located on the western coast of Morocco in a strategic spot. Traveling from Casablanca to all the imperial cities and other important tourist attractions in northern and southern Morocco is a matter of a few hours. 


  • You can travel from Casablanca to Marrakech in 3 hours.
  • Casa to Rabat is a 1-hour journey. 
  • Casa to Meknes and Fez is a 2/3-hour journey. 
  • Casa to Tangier is a 3-hour journey. 
  • And Casa to Essaouira is a 4-hour journey. 


You Can Find All Kinds of Transportation from Casablanca

Since the distance from Casablanca to all the major attractions in Morocco isn’t too far, you can travel in a car or by public transportation. The trains in Morocco are actually quite decent. There’s also the Al Boraq, which is the fastest train in Africa that can take you from casa to Marrakech in 3 hours. 


As for the Sahara region, which is a little bit far away from Casablanca, you can take a plane if you’re in a hurry to go there. A plane will take you from the International Casablanca Airport of Casablanca to Moulay Ali Cherif Airport in Errachidia in 1 hour. The trip usually takes a whole day. 


Regarding transportation for your tour from Casablanca, the best choice is to take a long-distance taxi if you don’t like buses or trains. 


Alternatively, you can travel privately with a professional touring agency. 

Tourists underrate Casablanca 

Starting your tour from Casablanca is very convenient because it’s a city that you shouldn’t miss exploring. Most people land at the Casablanca International airport only to leave the city without exploring it. Casablanca is often overlooked at the expense of more exotic Moroccan cities such as Marrakech, Fez, and Essaouira. 

Discover The Imperial cities

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the imperial cities and live some other experiences!

Best Things to Do in Casablanca

Before you head to other exotic spots in Morocco, your tour from Casablanca should include at least a couple of fun activities. There’s plenty to go around when it comes to the best things to do in Casablanca. 


The list below includes some of the most iconic activities that you can do in Casablanca:

Explore Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the most iconic landmark of Casablanca. The first thing that you see whenever you type Casablanca on Google or YouTube is the soaring minaret of Hassan II mosque, which used to be the tallest minaret in the world before the Algerians decided to build the tallest one in 2019 out of spite. Or at least this is what many Moroccans believe. 


Hassan II Mosque is one of the very few mosques that allow non-Muslim visitors to enter it. Hassan II Mosque is your go-to if you want to see some magnificent architecture and mesmerizing (almost psychedelic) internal decoration. 


While it’s still relatively young, Hassan II Mosque holds a special spot in the hearts of Moroccans. When it was under construction in the late 80s, Moroccans from all over the Kingdom contributed their money to this building. People who worked on this project include French architects and some of the best artisans in the Kingdom. 


Located on the edge of the coast, Hassan II Mosque has the whole Atlantic as its background. The whole complex looks amazing with its fountains and arches, which is why cameras are constantly taking pictures there. 


When it’s Friday or a religious holiday, the mosque can hold up to 105,000 worshippers, making it one of the largest religious buildings in the entire world. 

Sunbathe on the Beach

Casablanca’s beaches are often sunny and pleasant to visit. If you don’t like the beaches within the city itself, there are plenty of nearby beaches that will fascinate you. 


If you travel to Mohamadia or El Jadida, you’ll be surprised by their great coasts. The beaches of Mohamadia are very popular among the locals for their golden sands and clean water. 


As for El Jadida, its ramparts are more of a highlight than the beaches. The ramparts of El Jadida mark an era of the Portuguese empire. The iconic cannons all over give a unique aesthetic to the place.  


Visit Rick’s Café

Cinephiles will appreciate this one like gold. If you’re into the cult classic 1942 movie Casablanca, then you’ll really want to have a drink at Rick’s Café and listen to some live piano music. 


The story of Rick’s Café is very peculiar because the movie was never shot in Casablanca. It’s actually a Hollywood movie. But that didn’t stop the American Kathy Kriger from recreating a faithful copy of the café in its supposedly original city. 


Rick’s café features a great menu and live music shows, making it a great spot to visit even if you didn’t watch the movie and have no associations with the place. 

Explore the Judeo-Christian Side of Casablanca

Whether it’s the great Cathedral of Sacré-Coeur or the Jewish Temple Beth El, Judeo-Christian culture also has a significant trace in Casablanca. 


The Roman Catholic church used to have its influence go as far as Casablanca in the old days. As for during the period of colonialism, nearly half of the population of Casablanca used to be European Christians, which explains why there many traces of Christianity in Casa. 


As for Judaism, Jewish history in Casablanca goes way back to the pre-Christian era. Nearly 500,000 Jews used to live in Morocco before Israel was founded. The Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca holds many secrets about the history of the Jewish people in Morocco, who used to be a vital community in the whole Kingdom. 

Have Fun in the Nightclubs and Lounges

If you’re not into all that history and culture stuff, and all you want to do is to party like it’s 1969, Casablanca is your hotspot. All of the amazing clubs in the Corniche of Ain Diab should provide all the fun you need. If you’re more into the quiet mood, you can try the lounges. 


The nightlife of Casablanca is super vibrant! It should provide the perfect opportunity for you to make new friends in Morocco. You’ll find many young people there who have “party” as their middle name. You can also get access to some of the things we shouldn’t be talking about if you have the right connections. 

Explore the Museums 

If you’re into museums, you’ll be delighted to explore the ones in Casablanca, especially if you’re into Art Deco, which we’ll return to later. 


Some of the most notable museums in Casa include: 

Admire the Art Deco Buildings

Downtown Casablanca boasts many unique architectures that return to the Art Deco style, which was developed in the West in the first half of the 20th century. Many Art Deco buildings in Casablanca were built during the French occupation. 


If you admire the art style of modernity, you’ll appreciate the Art Deco aesthetic of Casablanca. 

Visit the Old Town (Medina)

The Old Town of Casablanca, known locally as the medina, is the perfect place to get a very close look at the more traditional and less luxurious part of Morocco. You’ll find common Moroccans dwelling in the market. 

The medina is also where you want to go if you want to do some traditional shopping in Casablanca. 

 When you start your tour from Casablanca, that allow you to explore this great city ever. 

Top 5 activities you must do in the Moroccan Desert.

What Are the Best Tours from Casablanca?

In your search for the best tours from Casablanca, you’ll encounter many travel agencies presenting their itineraries that start from there. Almost all of the tours share commonalities, like visiting the imperial cities, the historical coastal cities, and most importantly, the Sahara Desert. 


Here are some of the best tours from Casablanca that you’ll find out there:

8-Day Casablanca Tour Via Beni Mellal 

The special thing about this tour from Casablanca is that it doesn’t go to the Sahara Desert. Instead of taking the route from Casablanca to Fez before heading to Marrakech through the Sahara Desert, this tour takes a more straightforward route through the city of Beni Mellal. 

This 8-day Casablanca tour usually leaves Casablanca and takes you to the capital city Rabat, before heading to Fez and Meknes. After exploring the three imperial cities, the tour heads to Khenifra and Beni Mellal, which are often overlooked by many tourists. The region of Beni Mellal-Khenifra offers a wonderful opportunity to explore this part of the Moroccan landscape that’s different from the desert region quite significantly. 

The tour also allows you to visit Ouzoud Waterfall, arguably the most beautiful waterfall in North Africa.  

11-Day Tour From Casablanca to the Imperial Cities

The 11-day tours from Casablanca have an extra day dedicated to the Blue City Chefchaouen, one of the most iconic Moroccan cities, with its blue-washed buildings and chill vibes.


The tour includes staying in the Sahara Desert dunes of Merzouga for a couple of days, which is an incredible experience by all means. You’ll be able to camp in the middle of Erg Chebbi dunes and enjoy a vibrant night of partying to the beats of the Sahara. 


In addition to that, the tour also includes visiting some very cool spots like Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, a massive complex of old buildings that you might recognize from Game of Thrones, and many phantasy and historical movies from the 2000s like Gladiator and the Scorpion King. 


The tour concludes after visiting the coastal city Essaouira. Essaouira is also another iconic spot for people who love Game of Thrones; it’s known as Port city of Astapor, which is part of Slaver’s Bay. 


14-Day Desert Tour from Casablanca 

The 14-day grand Desert tour from Casablanca is a great opportunity to spend more time exploring each spot without a big hurry. 


Aside from all the attractions mentioned above, the tour also includes a visit to the coastal city, Agadir. Agadir is one of the sunniest cities on the planet, with amazing beaches and a nightlife similar to Casablanca. 


The tour also includes visiting the Argan Oil cooperations, which is a great opportunity to get authentic argan products from their source. 


Also, the 14-day tour gives a lot of time to explore the Red City, Marrakech, the number one tourist attraction in Morocco. Marrakech is also one of the perfect cities to start your Morocco tour from. 

We hope our article about Casablanca has shed some light on this fantastic city for you. If you want to explore Morocco, starting your tour from Casablanca will give you a great journey from North to South. Casablanca is an amazing city to start your tour from, and it’s also a great city to explore. It would be a shame if you left Casablanca without having a little bit of fun in the city. 


If you want to make a reservation with Prime Morocco Tours, make sure to contact us. Together we can create a tailor-made tour specifically for you in which you can explore all the parts of Morocco that interest you the most. 


And check out our blog for more information about Morocco. 


Best Morocco travel guide

Best Morocco travel guide

Morocco travel guide, Your source to know Morocco  

This Morocco travel guide is meant to help you know more about this country, in case you’re interested in paying a visit to this AWESOME place, or just out of curiosity; perhaps you want to include it on your travel list. This travel guide will give to the reader a general idea about Morocco. A a detailed description however, might need a book, or an actual visit, which is highly recommended in this case. But it’s safe to say that this is a good starting point.

The theme of Morocco is diversity! It’s a country that is essentially diverse in terms of everything that ranges from what is nature related to what is human related. By that we mean history, geography, people and culture.

Morocco recognizes what a treasure it has. That’s why both the public sector and the private one focus a lot on enhancing their tourism services and protection. Morocco is a real tourist attraction. No wonder why it hosted 11 million tourists in the year 2011.

Another reason that makes Morocco very appealing to the visitors is that it’s very affordable. Someone who has a tight budget won’t find a problem in Morocco.

Please enjoy our Morocco travel guide.

Get your itinerary tour with Prime Morocco tours and live an unforgettable travel to Morocco. (Check all our travel tours.

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

A brief summary of the Moroccan history

Morocco is very interesting in the human history because the oldest archeological trace of Homo sapiens (humans essentially) has been found in Morocco it dates back more than 300,000 years ago. However, the most notable civilization that set foot in Morocco are the Phoenicians, they used to consider the Moroccan lands, such places like Lexus and Mogador(known today as Essaouira) as trading centers during the sixth century. The Berbers established their first kingdom there called the Berber Kingdom of Mauritania. The Roman empire used to have power over the Moroccan land during the same era. Volubilis is the remains of an ancient roman city  in Morocco that you can visit while you’re here. The Islamic era of Morocco started in the seventh century onwards. First established by the Umayad Khalifat, and then as an independent kingdom that was established by the first King Idriss the first who was the founder of the Idrissid dynasty. Throughout the years, many other dynasties have been ruling Morocco, the current one is the Alaouit dynasty. Big cities such as Fez, Marrakech and Rabat all have monuments that represent each of the old ruling dynasties. The modern era starting from the 19th century has shown European interest in Morocco. Spain and France colonized Morocco during this era. Both of them have left a huge influence on the Moroccan culture as we know it now.

Morocco travel guide, your itinerary to know the great Morocco.

The geography of Morocco

First, Morocco is situated in the north western edge of Africa. The Mediterranean sea borders it from the north with Spain being only 14 kilometers from the closest point, Algeria from the east, Mauritania from the south and the Atlantic ocean from the west. The northern part has mountains, coasts and beaches. The western part has fertile lands, the middle parts are home to the Atlas mountains, and as you go south you enter the desert. A single trip from north to south that starts from Fez as an example and finishes in Marrakech will visit mountains, valleys, flatlands, desert and mountains again. Make sure to take with you cloths that match each region’s weather.

The Moroccan biological landscape is also very diverse. Each region has its own environmental particularities including all sorts of wild life. A list of these would require an article on its own.

Morocco travel guide with Prime Morocco Tours.


The cultural diversity of Morocco.

Morocco has a wide cultural diversity. As you can deduce from its history, a quick look at the history will tell you that Amazighs, Romans, Arabs and Europeans and many other civilizations have all left their cultural footprints in Morocco. These cultural aspects can take the form of traditions, clothes, food and many others…while you’re in Morocco, expect that you’d encounter many culture depending on where you are at a certain time.

Morocco travel guide will allow you to know almost everything about Morocco and all the information you must know while you’re there.

The Moroccan people

Moroccans are very interesting folks. Most of them are a mixture of Arabs and Berbers, 99%. The majority are Suni Muslims and a big chunk says they’re only Muslim. All of them however are very liberal and are not religious fanatics. The situation in Morocco is generally very liberal. It is safe to say that the impact of such diverse cultural influences have made this country very open-minded.

Know the Moroccan people throughout Morocco travel guide.

Visit Bab Mansor  

The Bab el-Mansur Gate is the last gate built in the city of Meknes in 1732 by the order of Moulay Ismail. It was built by an architect who was a Christian before adopting Islam. This gate, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, bears the name of the victorious apostate or Mansur Laalej. Moulay Ismail wanted his city to be compared to Versailles because he was a fan of Louis XIV, so he wanted the entrance gate of Meknes to be grand. This is the case with the Bab el-Mansour Gate, which reaches a height of 16 meters (the arch alone is 8 meters above the ground). Inside the gate is a rectangular hall, also called Bab el-Mansour Hall. This room is now an art gallery where you can admire the works of local artists. This room is quite large – 6 x 17 meters. The decor of this door is very similar to that of Moroccan arts and crafts: especially striking is the frieze of calligraphy stretching across the top of the door. You can also see materials that are widely used in Moroccan architecture, such as mosaics. 


Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

 Safety in Morocco

Some few fanatics commit crimes now and then, but that is the case all over the world and statistics show that Morocco is one of the safest places on Earth in terms of terrorism incidents. There is also a significant number of police agents who are only dedicated to keep touristic places very safe. Moroccans are generally very kind and friendly to foreigners.

Did you know that Morocco is safe country before this Morocco travel guide article. 

A travel guide of costs in Morocco

If you’re not a heavy spender, a day in Morocco won’t cost you more than 50 USD, which is approximately 500 MAD (Dirham). A mid range budget of 1,200 MAD will allow you to spend it on things like eating at good restaurants and taking private tours. However, if you can afford 3,500 MAD or more you will be surprised what you can do.

Make sure to take change with you everywhere you go, you will need that a lot.

Morocco travel guide is helpful before each new travel.


The best time to visit Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco arguably is from, either from April to May or from September to November. The weather is really nice, which is good for activities like mountain hiking.

Winter time might not be the best time to visit Morocco. However, if you’re a fan of snowboarding or skiing that’s a good time to visit Morocco.

The summers tend to be really hot in the middle of the country, cities like Fez, Meknes and Marrakech are really hot. However it might be a perfect time to visit the coasts of the Moroccan North, or cities like Casablanca, Essaouira and Agadir.

Follow our Morocco travel guide to know Morocco before you come there. 

Visit Volubilis 

Volubilis is an ancient city in Morocco, located about twenty kilometers from the city of Meknes. The name Volubilis comes from the fact that the plant of the same name grows here. However, the Berber name of the city is different: it should have been called Walila or Oualili. The city of Volubilis developed in different eras; it was founded as early as the Neolithic period. Volubilis was a trading town where olive oil was produced. 

Presses were found to assist the population in this production. Volubilis has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. 

Volubilis belongs to the Neolithic period, but only a few inscriptions from this period have been found. However, four inscriptions belonging to the Punic and Neopunic periods have been deciphered, indicating the presence of a necropolis at this site. Suffeti (the first magistrates of Carthage) are also mentioned, indicating that there was already a hierarchy of institutions. Other sites show evidence of Punic-Mauritanian civilization, especially religious buildings and tombs. Doric coins have also been found. 


Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

Morocco travel guide to the must-visits of Morocco

Starting from the north you must visit Tangier, this city is considered an international city for many reasons, one is being the portal of Africa to Europe and vise versa. Chefchaouen is also a place in the Moroccan North that you must not miss. It’s a whole city painted in blue.

Going south there is Fez, the oldest Moroccan capital. Fez is a city that has a reputation of science and knowledge because it’s the home of the oldest university in history. Near fez there are the remains of an ancient Roman city. it’s called Volubilis. Not far away from Volubilis there’s another ancient Moroccan city, which was also a capital once. It’s Meknes, and it has some cool monuments. This region has also some cool towns near the Atlas Mountains such as Azerou and Ifran, where there are cedar forests.

Going west there’s Casablanca a city that needs no introduction. It’s the biggest Moroccan a city and the most important economically. One could say Casablanca is the heart of Morocco.

morocco tours Morocco private tours

And there’s the capital Rabat, A truly beautiful and sophisticated city. There are here some very beautiful historical locations.

Going south there’s Merzouga, A true desert city. Imagine dunes, camels, tents, clear night sky, desert traditional drum music and a comfy bed along with bars and parties all over. This is the kind of fun you can have in Merzouga.

Farther south you can find the biggest film studio in the world. Ouarzazat and Ait Benhaddo are places you can recognize from Game of Thrones and movies such as Gladiator, KIngdom of Heaven, Lawrence of Arabia…

After visiting such places Marrakech is a good stop. In fact most of the tourists who visit Morocco visit Marrakech. It’s simply the best stop in Morocco according to the majority of visitors.

Essaouira is also a must-visit, especially if you’re a person who has a strong passion towards arts.

morocco tours

we would very much suggest that you travel with a private tour agency. These agencies organize tours that visit a selection of the best stops including the ones we mentioned here and many others like some cool waterfalls, valleys and gorges.

Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

Morocco’s impressive beaches 

Those who spend their vacations in Greece, the Maldives or Bali should not be jealous, because Moroccan nature offers beautiful scenery just a few kilometers from home. From the south to the north of Morocco, the beauty of the beaches of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea will make for a pleasant summer. 

Legzira, Sidi Ifni. 

This wild Moroccan beach, 150 km from Agadir and 10 km from Sidi Ifni, famous for its red arches carved into the rocks, remains a popular destination for surfers and lovers of beautiful beaches and fried fish. 

Sidi Kouaki – Essaouira 

Located 25 km from Essaouira (Windy City), next to the Thuya forest, this beach, known for its strong winds and big waves, offers a holiday full of adventure: sunbathing, surfing, kitesurfing, horses and dromedaries. In addition to the beauty of this area, which has preserved its wild appearance, you will find a variety of activities here. 


Located 158km from Casablanca and 212km from Marrakech, this beach is popular with lovers of oysters and fresh fish from an old fishing village. Ideal for residents of Casablanca, Marrakech and El Jadida who want to spend a relaxing weekend without having to travel far. 

Quemado Beach, Al Hoceima 

This 9,000 square meter beach at the foot of the Quemado cliff was voted the seventh most beautiful beach in the world for its turquoise waters and fine white sand. In summer this beach is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the sea and especially the beauty of the underwater world. 

Dragon Island, Dakhla 

In the middle of Dakhla Bay, this wild beach, shaped like an abandoned dragon and full of shells, offers you the best of nature. Warm waters, clay baths and golden sunshine: there’s nothing like a catamaran ride to discover all the hidden treasures of this island. 

Oued Laou, Assilah, Nador, Taghazout or Sidi Bou Selham are all nice spots for a budget summer in Morocco. Pack your bags! 


Morocco Breathtaking Landscapes  

Morocco has a rich, varied and wild nature. Drive just a few kilometers to discover all these wonders: the sea, the dunes, the desert, the oases and the mountains. Here are five of the most beautiful natural sites you can visit in Morocco. 


The High Atlas Mountains. 

The High Atlas is a Moroccan mountain range of great beauty. The Toubkal Massif, for example, offers great hiking. Climbing Mount Toubkal is a hike that begins in Imlil and leads to the summit. Between the cacti, agaves, and cliffs, the scenery of the High Atlas is magnificent. 


The gorges of the Todga Valley 

The gorges of Todga Valley are breathtaking, for me it is one of the most unusual landscapes in Morocco. The rock has a golden, orange color and glows even during the day, the sight is unstoppable. Palm trees in some places, vegetation on the walls: the place is magical and gives the impression that you have gone to the edge of the world. 


Merzouga Dunes 

Erg Chebbi near Merzouga is an area with many dunes. The dunes of Merzouga are spectacular and if you are lucky enough to bivouac there, you will discover their treasures. At sunset, the spectacle changes and becomes even more magical: don’t forget to bring your camera so you can see the spectacle with two eyes. 


Uzud Falls 

Uzud waterfalls are very high waterfalls with a height of about 110 meters. They flow on three levels and their spectacle will not leave you indifferent. The orange rock, surrounding vegetation and water form a beautiful backdrop. A must-visit place to discover the powerful and diverse nature. 


Paradise Valley 

From Agadir, turn onto the road that leads to Paradise Valley. This inconspicuous oasis of tranquility is located in the middle of a magnificent forest. You’ll have to walk a bit to get there, but the reward will be at the end of the road: green terrain and beautiful blue water in the middle. Guided walks will allow you to discover this place and its surroundings. 


We hope that Morocco travel guide was useful and informing. Leave us a comment bellow. We would like to know your opinions.

And if you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

Why you should visit Fez?

Why you should visit Fez?

The main reasons why should you visit Fez

Fez is, without no doubt, one of the richest cities, historically, in the entire world. This could solely be attributed to the fact that Fez hosted the first roots of academia; yes, Fez is the home of the oldest university in history.

Aside from that, the city has many other tourist attractions that captivate the visitors; the main one being the old Medina, which is the medieval city that was built during the 8th century.

The weather in Fez, the geography of the place plus all the cultural richness have all contributed to making this city one of the best places to visit as a tourist.

In “Prime Morocco Tours” we are aware of how much Fez means to the world, that’s why most of the tours that we offer include Fez one way or another. We know that people can’t just leave Morocco without exploring this magnificent city. Visiting Morocco is incomplete without the visit Fez. 

More information about Fez can be found in the paragraphs below.

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

Know The history of Fez throughout visit Fez

Fez was first established by the Idrissid dynasty, by the Sultan Idriss, who is allegedly the descendant of the Prophet Mohammed; the city was the capital during the 7th century.

Many of the families that were exiled away from Andalusia settled down in Fez during the 9th century. These people brought with them many of the unique cultural aspects that Fez is famous for, namely the music and the way they dress. During this period the University of Al Quarawiyin was built by Fatima al Fihria. Therefore, we can say that the world of academia owes its foundation to this amazing lady.

After that, Fez was seized from the Idrissid dynasty, by the Caliphate of Cordoba and Fatimid Caliphate.

The city was renewed from almost being ruined during the era of the Almoravids reign. Although the capital was shifted to Marrakech, Fez remained an important city of Knowledge and a significant trade centre.

The city was renewed during the 10th century, which is the period when Almohad Caliphate ruled; they built the wall that you can still see surrounding Fez Elbali (old). In this period of Fez was enlarged to become one of the biggest cities in the world.

The Golden Age of Fez happened when the Merinids regained the capital title to Fez.

The Jewish quarter, which is called Fez el Jedid was built during the 13th century; it’s one of the main tourist attractions in Fez.

The modern Fez was built by the French, during colonization; it’s called la Nouvelle Ville; there you can see the European influence playing a huge role in shaping the identity of modern Fez.

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The Geography and climate of Fez

 Fez is located near the Atlas Mountains, however, not close enough, which makes the climate of Fez less cold than the region near the city. The summers tend to be hot in Fez. The weather in Fez is generally ideal for people who love to be exposed to the sun.

The culture of Fez, Visit Fez

Fez, just like the entirety of Morocco has a diverse culture. Wandering through alleys and streets of Fez is like travelling from one culture to another. However, the most recurring motifs are the Arab-Islamic and Berber. The architecture, the traditions, the clothes, the music and the cuisine are heavily influenced by Andalusia. The Golden Age of Islam played a huge role in shaping Fez to as it is known for; a capital of knowledge and wisdom.




Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

The Medina of Fez

Visit Fez and discover the oldest Medina in Morocco! As we already have mentioned, it was built during the 7th century, from that time onward the history has embedded its traces in the city. Visiting the Medina is a must-do, especially, if you’re a history nerd.

The Medina is like a labyrinth; getting lost in the alleys is a very fun activity, especially when you’re competing with your friends; who has the best memory?

The traditional Riads are among the best places that you can visit in Fez; these Riads have a unique architecture, in which a fountain courtyard is the centre of the building and all the other rooms face it inwards. The design of the Riads from outside always seems to fool people into believing that it’s an insignificant building.

Things to do when you visit Fez

There are a lot of things to do in Fez; this city is truly one of the richest places in Africa. Aside from the fact that the city can be toured and explored from within, there are also many excursions and tours that “Prime Morocco Tours” offers, which visit the exciting stops near Fez.


A guided tour in the Medina

Touring the Medina plus the Mellah (Jewish Quarter) is without a doubt a must-do activity. Exploring the area is a rich historical, cultural and also shopping experience; Wandering through the Souks and buying souvenirs from the Medina of Fez is a reoccurring activity among the tourists; the bazaars and gift shops are all over the narrow alleys of Fez.

La Ville Nouvelle is the Modern Fez, which is heavily influenced by the French style, which is something that has been left after the period of colonization.

Fez excursions, visit Fez the old city

There many interesting spots near Fez that you can visit in a day trip, such as the ones we organize in “Prime Morocco tours”.

Most notability: Volubilis and Meknes. The first is an ancient Roman city, which is situated near Moulay Driss (another historical site). The second is an imperial city that is similar to Fez, but not quite that much; the city has some wonderful, grand-scale historical sights.

From fez, you can also visit the cedar forests near Ifrane and Azerou; there you can enjoy a picnic with the monkeys who live in the mountains.

Some other day trips from Fez visit Chefchaouen: the Blue City. This city is heavily influenced by Spain.


Fez desert tours 

You can go on multiple day tours from Fez to Merzouga Desert; it’s something that the tourists seem to enjoy a lot. These tours can be customized to include as many places as you want; Merzouga Desert seems to be one of the most captivating places that everyone wants to visit. There in the desert, you’ll get the chance to do camel trekking, spend a night in a desert camp, and eat traditional Beber food and so on. You can also go from there and visit Ourzazate and Ait ben Haddo to explore the spots where Game of Throne and movies like Gladiator filmed their scenes.

Visit Fes the imperial city. 


Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

Fez is a city that should be on the list of every passionate traveler, who is interested in learning about history, discover new cultures and enjoy time a wide variety of natural landscapes.

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Discover the Top 9 things to do in Agadir

Discover the Top 9 things to do in Agadir

Discover the top 9 things to do in Agadir

You should know the top 9 things to do in Agadir before you get there. Agadir it’s a city that has nice, sunny weather during the whole year, which is very good for sunbathing in one of its astonishing beaches. There are also many great spots near Agadir, which makes this city a great starting point for many day trips and excursions. Agadir is also a very modern city with the most prosperous economy in the region. The good economy of the place and its attractive beaches and excursions has pushed the hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants to have wholesome and luxurious services, ready to receive all sorts of visitors from all social classes. Even more, the landmarks of Agadir are so fascinating, making them a good subject of tours inside the city.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Agadir; the city is very big and rich. However, if you’re in a hurry a list of the best things you can do in Agadir, might prove helpful.

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In this article we are going to explore the top 9 things to do in Agadir:

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

Visit the beaches of Agadir.

Agadir has the busiest beaches in Morocco. With 300 days of sunny days a year, this city is the perfect beach stop. Many Europeans consider Agadir their favorite holiday haven. As soon as they take a break from work they spend some time in Agadir. Going to the coasts of Agadir is a special experience, especially with all the great hotels close to the beach. 

The top 9 things to do in Agadir is incomplete without visiting the beautiful beaches. 


Surf in the coasts of Agadir

The surfers can find some challenging waves along the coasts of Agadir; the area is very popular among the hardcore surfers. The beaches of Agadir are very crowded with the lovers of this sport from all over the world, which makes surfing in Agadir a great experience to get to know some very interesting people. Surfing is truly something that Agadir recognizes a lot, many surfing competitions are held in the coasts of the city, and outside the city.

Experience surfing as one of the top 9 things to do in Agadir. 

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Party in the hotels, bars nightclubs of Agadir

Agadir has some of the best bars and nightclubs in Morocco. The quality of the services that some of these party-time spots might even match the one you can find in places like California or Florida. The hotels are also very prestigious, as you can see by yourself by checking the internet. The party lifestyle of Agadir has contributed a lot in making this city a popular destination among the tourists.

Nightclubs can be one of the top 9 things to do in Agadir for the ones who like this kind of activities. 

Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

Visit the Kasbah (top 9 things to do in Agadir)

At the top of the hill, there’s what the locals call Agadir Oufella, which is a beautiful landmark of Agadir; There’s an old Kasbah that dates back to the 16th century on top. The Kasbah is strangely one of the buildings that survived the earthquake that hit the city back in the 1960s, which means it’s a very strong building. However, it’s not only the building that’s interesting in Agadir Oufella, the view from up there is truly fascinating.

Visiting the Kasbah is one of the top 9 things to do in Agadir. 

Visit the Medina of Agadir

(top 9 things to do in Agadir)

The Medina of Agadir is a nice place where you can explore the beauty of the local architecture; the buildings there are clear manifestations of the fascinating, modern Moroccan style of construction; the Medina was built after the earthquake. It’s also a good spot for buying some souvenirs to take back home. You can find some incredible works of local artisans there. And most importantly, many good traditional restaurants serve Moroccan cuisine.

Also, visit the Medina of Agadir is one of the top 9 things to do in Agadir. 

Hike Paradise Valley

One of the quietest places near Agadir is Paradise Valley, which makes it a good place to visit on a day trip. The beautiful gorges of Paradise Valley are home to many Berber locals, who live on agriculture; the area is famous for almond and argan. Hiking the valley is a wonderful experience, as you can see some of the most wonderful natural landscapes on the way.

Visit the Hike Paradise Valley must be one of the top 9 things to do in Agadir. 

Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

Discover Essaouira

Although Essaouira is very rich and popular (it needs an article on its own); it’s also very close to Agadir, which makes day trips from Agadir to Essaouira very recurrent. Changing the modern setting of Agadir by the more traditional and quiet one of Essaouira is a beautiful experience. Many Moroccans spend their holidays in the two cities. Essaouira is famous all over the world thanks to its festival of Gnawa music; it would be a wonderful thing to visit Essaouira during the festival.

We have asked peopel about the top 9 things to do in Agadir and discover Essaouira was one of their answers. 

Visit Taroudant

Taroudant is one of the oldest Moroccan fortified cities also worthy to be one of the top 9 things to do in Agadir. This Amazigh city is surrounded by huge walls, and the buildings inside are very excellent works of traditional architecture. Taroudant is famous for its “souk” (market), where you can find the products of traditional artisans and the products of local agriculture.

We can help you experience the top 9 things you can do in Agadir.

Discover the birds of Souss-Massa National Park (the top 9 things to do in Agadir) 

Travelling 65 kilometres south of Agadir, you can find the Souss-Massa National park, which is the natural habitat of many species of birds, including flamingoes and herons. This national park is best visited during the spring; that’s when you can spot the rare birds. The landscape of the park is one of the dunes meeting the ocean, which is so charming to the eyes.

Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

Crocopark in Agadir 

For those who love to go to the Zoo to see animals, a great activity they can have in Agadir is to visit the Crocopark. This park is home to over 300 crocodiles and other reptiles (iguanas, snakes, etc.) as well as giant tortoises. There is also a botanical garden with plant species from all over the world. We thought we wouldn’t be there for more than an hour, but actually we were there for a little over two hours. The park is very well maintained and makes you want to visit right from the entrance, there is a snake den with a very scary anaconda! There is also a lab where you can see (through glass) baby crocodiles and turtles. If you visit the iguana area outside, you’ll think you’re in the United States because it has everything you need. The only slight problem is that there are a lot of crocodiles and they seem to climb over each other; for visitors it may seems strange but for those who are working there it’s normal.


History of Agadir 

The Berber name of the city means “fortified granary”; the origin of this name is unclear. The history of Agadir begins in the 16th century, when the city became a port. Trade was conducted around the following commodities: Leaves, sugar, furs and wax. With the advent of the port of Essaouira, Agadir gradually lost its importance and began to trade in sardines.

Today the city’s dynamism is based on tourism and its seaside resorts. One symbolic date is still well remembered by Moroccans: in 1960, the year of the terrible earthquake that destroyed almost the entire city and claimed the lives of 15,000 people.

Agadir was rebuilt 2 km south of the city and its population has since tripled. Modernity and dynamism have become the hallmarks of this city that contrasts with Moroccan traditions.


Agadir is truly a city of tourism, especially for the lovers of sunny beaches; it’s one of the sunniest places on earth, which makes it perfect for holidays throughout the year. And that’s why we have counted the top 9 things to do in Agadir. The city is equipped very nicely to receive all sorts of people from different social classes, to each their fun. The hotels, nightclubs, bars and restaurants are all luxury. You can also discover a lot about Moroccan-Amazigh culture in Agadir, along with history. Even more, It’s very close to some very interesting spots in Morocco that you can visit briefly while you’re staying in a hotel in the city; places such as Essaouira and Paradise Valley are very close to Agadir.

These are the top 9 things to do in Agadir. 

For more info about Agadir, please feel free to contact our services.

And please leave us a comment in the section below telling us about your opinions on Agadir.


Top 9 things to do in Agadir.

What makes Fez to Merzouga desert tours so exciting and fun?

What makes Fez to Merzouga desert tours so exciting and fun?

When you’re looking for a tour that you might want to enjoy in Morocco, sometimes the diversity of options might leave you confused. There are many tours that you can choose from. Although the tours share a lot of similarities in terms of what they visit sometimes, other times the experiences are radically different from one another. Morocco is a very diverse country in terms of everything that ranges from culture to nature. Therefore, to help you make the choice a little bit easier, we are going to chose only one type of tours, that start from the most ancient city in the Moroccan Kingdom: Fez, to the wonders of the desert dunes in a town called Merzouga.

Fez to Merzouga tours aren’t only about the starting point and the ending point, which are respectively Fez and Merzouga, the journey in between these two is all the way exciting from starting to end. The highlights which are going to be discussed in detail include: the city of Meknes, the Atlas Mountains, all the interesting towns and villages, and more.

Keep reading if you want to know more about Fez to Merzouga tours.

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

Fez (Fez to Merzouga desert tours)

The journey starts from Fez. However, the tour doesn’t leave the ancient city without exploring it’s landmarks. As we already know Fez is the oldest Moroccan city. Therefore, it’s a record of all the cultures and lifestyles that used to settle there.

The old Medina with all its walls and gates give this impression of safety. Fez has these walls to make it a safe haven for the king and his subjects. The old castles and buildings with their mystical Islamic architecture make the visitors feel as if they traveled through space and time to the middle ages. The golden age of Fez. During that period Fez was the first city in the world to establish a university, the thing that gives Fez its reputation as a city of science, knowledge and wisdom. The first university ever is Al Quarawin University, which was established by Fatima Al Fihriya. Not to mention the all the other monuments that this city has, and the modern lifestyle that this city has other than the more traditional.

Volubilis and Meknes (Fez to Merzouga desert tours)

Fez to Merzouga tours can’t miss the opportunity to visit this ancient Roman city called Volubilis. The Ruins of this old Roman city are there as a proof that Morocco was once, before it was an independent kingdom, a part of the Great Roman Empire. Thanks to Volubilis you’ll get the chance  to explore some authentic Roman architecture.

Not so far away from Volubilis is situated one of the most important cities in the history of Morocco, although nowadays it’s not as popular as Marrakech or Casablanca, still it’s one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco. The city we’re talking about is Meknes. The dynasty of the Sultan Moulay Ismail considered this city their capitol. They built all these monuments that keep a rich record from the past. The wall of Moulay Ismail is one huge proof of the power that this city used to have. Not to mention the majestic gates and Lahdim Square in front of them. This city is also host to an old prison that is like a labyrinth. It could be a good case subject of some spooky pictures.

The old medina of Meknes is also a must-visit, there are some old, breathtaking Riads, that must be explored.

Aside from the old aspects of Meknes, it’s also a modern city with fancy restaurant, bars and nightclubs that are always vibrating with fun. And the good thing about Meknes is that it’s not as expensive as Marrakech or Casablanca for example.

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Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

Middle Atlas Mountains, Azrou, Ifran…

Some tours skip Meknes and go directly to the Atlas Mountains. The first stop then is a town that is considered to be similar to the cities of Switzerland. This town is called Ifran.

Ifran is at its best at winter with the snow. One highlight is the giant statue of a big lion. Photography is necessary at this point.

Next there is Azrou, the city that has the fastest access to cedar forests. These forests are similar to what you might find in a fairy tale movie. And at the right times of the day you can spot monkeys all over. One other Meddle Atlas stop is Midelt, which is considered the capitol of apples in Morocco. This city is also famous for its mines of beautiful stones, such as Vanadinite.

Finally there are these two stops which are the town Rich and Imilchil. Imilchil is a town that is known for its two lakes: Isli( groom) and Tislit (bride). The story is that these two lakes are filled by the tears of two lovers who were denied each other by their circumstances, so they kept crying separately until they filled two lakes

Ziz valley and Toudra Gorges (Fez to Merzouga desert tours)

Ziz valley is a wonderful example of how much the landscapes of Morocco are interesting. It’s like the perfect combination of valley, river and palm trees -which are a good symbol of this Moroccan region.

Another beautiful landscape is that, that you can find in Toudra Gorges. The narrow canyons, the heights, the water stream with the small fish and the mountain climbers, all of these elements are combined to give this place its wonderful atmosphere.

Merzouga and Erg Chebbi (Fez to Merzouga desert tours)

It wouldn’t be called a desert tour unless the tour visits Merzouga. This small town has become synonymous with with the desert. You can just look for Moroccan Desert on the internet and almost all the pictures are taken from Merzouga or the area around this twon. Although it’s not a big city such as Fez, which could be a disappointment for some. However, others will really appreciate the simplicity. There are of course stores, restaurants, fancy hotels and bars in Merzouga. So, no worries about being bored.

But of course the most important part isn’t the urban areas as much as the raw desert natural landscapes and how the people who inhabit this nature live their lives.

Some of the most obvious associations that we associate with Erg Chebbi Dunes are: golden sands, camels clear desert sky, beautiful sunsets and desert animals. However, these are only products of nature. Some human, and cultural aspects are for example the Berber tents where there are all sorts of fun activities, like eating desert food, burying the body under the sand, desert drum music, that can make people reach higher states of awareness… these and more activities.

The end of the journey will be in Fez where it started.

Arfoud, Errissani and other towns (Fez to Merzouga desert tours).

The 3 days private tour will take its visitors to many towns and villages. The most famous ones are Arefoud, where you can find fossils and even buy them. The other is Errissani which is famous for the high quality dates.

Merzouga and the desert (Fez to Merzouga desert tours).

Morocco desert tour has to go to Merzouga otherwise it’s not a wholesome experience. Merzouga is what you’re looking for when you think about camel trekking, watching the desert sunrise, riding desert vehicles, spotting desert animals and so on.

When you get there you’ll find camps with all the prestigious things that you can imagine in a desert plus drum musicians whose sole goal is to make your stay in there as enjoyable as possible.

Not to mention the traditional food and the parties that you can find in the fancy hotels of  Merzouga.

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Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

The tour from Fez to Merzouga is without no doubts one of the best Moroccan experiences, not that there are any bad experiences or tours when it comes to Morocco. Therefore, one might consider this one tour as a first experience of Morocco. That’s why it’s recommended for a first time visitor.

Tell us in the comments below about your opinions and thoughts.

If you want any help concerning Morocco private tours, please contact our services.

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