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One day trips From Fes

One day tours that start from Fes to nearby places, like Chefchouen Volubilis, and much more.

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What are Fez day trips?

Fez is without a doubt one of the best cities in Morocco. Fez has all what it takes to be a good tourist magnet: a rich history, many medieval buildings, a very rich and diverse culture, beautiful traditional markets and a very busy and vibrant modern lifestyle. However, staying in Fez only would be considered a loss, given that Fez has many beautiful and interesting places nearby, that can be visited with day trips that start from Fez. These day trips are a good choice for people who dislike travelling a lot, since the places they visit are close to Fez and the trips usually end early in the evening.

Many day trips from Fez visit the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, which is a very amazing historical site that is enlisted in the UNESCO as a world heritage. The place still preserves the traces of old Roman architecture and mosaic. Ruins are a very good stop for history lovers. Especially with the local guides that can provide all the information relevant to the historical site.

Some day trips from Fez visit the mighty city Meknes, which is an imperial city with a very rich history, culture and lifestyle. The old medina is a perfect stop for getting some souvenirs and perhaps a visit to a local Riad.  You can also visit Lahdim Square, which is a fun place where you can watch street performers and perhaps grab a meal. And of course there are many other interesting places in Meknes to visit once you’re there.

Fez excursions also visit the Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss, who is the founder of Morocco. This historical site is a very important place in Moroccan culture.

Fez day trips also pay visits to the nearby Atlas area where there are cedar forests, where monkeys live. The area has a very wonderful weather during the summer, and in winter it’s even more wonderful with all the snowy mountains and trees. The main urban centers in the area are Azerou and Ifrane; two beautiful Berber towns with a very busy lifestyle.

Other day trips go to the Northern regions to visit Chefchaouen the Blue Perl of Morocco. This peaceful city has a huge Spanish influence, which gives it a unique ambience compared to other Moroccan cities. However, the most popular thing about Chefchaouen is the blue; the city is all painted in blue, which is something extremely unique.

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