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tours from Fes city

multi days tours that start from Fes city to the Merzouga desert, Erg Chebbi or imperial cities. Feel free to surf our tour choices, if you do like anything contact us, and if you have any question or modofications, feel free to contact us we are available 24h a day, 7 days a week, in whatsapp, email, online live chat, and phone.

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Fes desert tours

  • What are Fes desert tours?

In “Prime Morocco Tours” we have a set of tours that start from Fes and take several days of exploration; from 3 to 12 days. The first day take us on a guided tour in Fez, there we will discover all the significant historical sites, including Al Qarawiyin University, which is the first university in the world. The tour then usually goes to the ancient Roman city Volubilis and after that Meknes, which is a very rich city in terms of history and culture. Some tours go directly to the cedar forests of Morocco with the two Berber towns Ifrane and Azerou. Another favorite stop in Fes desert tours is Midelt, which is a town where you can get some very valuable stones and minerals. The trip usually passes by Ziz Valley and the Oasis of Tafilalt. The next ultimate stop is the Great Sahara Desert, Merzouga specifically, we will book a good hotel, and just leave afterward with a camel caravan towards the Dunes of Erg Chebbi, Just before the sunset, to witness the beautiful colors of the sky combined with the dunes, where there’s a camp with all the requirements of comfort and fun have been met.  The tours also visit Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddo, both of these places can be seen in many international movies. Ouarzazate has the largest studio in the world, which makes it a casual stop for many directors. Marrakech is another stop that Fes Tours usually visits. Marrakech is the busiest stop in Morocco for tourists according to the statistics. The Red City Marrakech has a wholesome combination of Modernity and tradition, that’s why it’s so popular. Tours that take a longer period might go to Essaouira, which is a must-visit; it’s one of the richest cities in Morocco in terms of history and culture. They also might visit some other coastal cities like Agadir. Casablanca is another option that Fes Tours considers a lot. Casablanca is truly underrated among tourists, although it’s a city where you can party hard and discover a lot about Morocco. Fes desert tours are the perfect opportunity to visit a lot of imperial cities.

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  • Fes desert tours itinerary.

The tours from Fes will start with learning about the rich history of Fez, Volubilis, and Meknes with a guided tour. Then the tours go to the cedar forests of Ifrane and Azerou. Midelt is a common stop for a meal. After passing by Ziz Valley and the oasis of Tafilalt the tours stop in the Dunes of Erg Chebbi and Merzouga. Then way through the journey, the tours visit the Hollywood of Morocco. Marrakech is the usual stop for tours. After that Essaouira might be visited along with Casablanca.

  • The highlights of Fes desert tours

-The exploration of the history behind Fes with a guided tour.

-The time in the desert with camel trekking, a night in the camp, and Berber music.

-The visit to the Hollywood of Morocco.

– The visit to Marrakech.

-The visit to the western coasts of Morocco.

-The visit to Casablanca.

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frequently asked questions?

Why Morocco desert tours?

Morocco is truly the land of diversity! It’s a country with many faces; each face represents a geographical spot with all its unique nature, cultures and lifestyles. Touring Morocco is a very rich experience, which never fails to amaze the visitors, thanks to the very diverse nature of this wonderful country. In “Prime Morocco Tours” we offer tours that allow the visitors to experience this diversity of the Moroccan natural and cultural landscapes. We organize tours that visit the imperial cities with all their cool historical monuments and their fancy, modern lifestyles. The tours also visit the Atlas Mountains and the forests in the area, along with many valleys, waterfalls, gorges, lakes and coastal cities with warm beaches. However, the most recommended place to visit, according to us is the Great Sahara Desert; the tours that visit Merzouga and Erg Chebbi dunes are something that everyone who visits Morocco must try. When you’re in the Moroccan desert you can ride a camel, which is an experience that not many countries can offer. You can also bury your body underneath the sands for medical purposes as the locals do. Or you can just enjoy the magical desert landscapes of the golden dunes, perhaps even combined with the beautiful colors of the sunset.  There are desert camps with traditional tents and also modern, comfortable tents, these camps usually have a band of Berber musicians and a cook who can prepare traditional cuisine. The desert is also a place where many parties and concerts have been organized.

The Moroccan Sahara Desert is a special experience that you can only have in a country as Morocco, That’s why most of our tours visit the desert.

Merzouga Desert, Erg Chigaga or the imperial cities?

  • Merzouga desert.

One of the best places to visit in Morocco is Merzouga, which is the village close to the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Merzouga desert is a place where you can experience two lifestyles; the desert lifestyle with all of its natural aspects like the dunes, the camel rides and the wonderful night sky, and a comfortable lifestyle in the fancy hotels of the town. It’s truly a wholesome place Merzouga desert.

  • Erg Chigaga.

For the people who like to have a raw desert experience with more extreme conditions, a good stop is Erg Chigaga, which is situated near the town Zagora. The dunes of Erg Chigaga are by far the biggest in Morocco. People who like to challenge their limits of endurance might find Erg Chigaga a place where they can explore that inner journey of self-motivation.

  • The imperial cities.

The imperial cities of Morocco are very rich and diverse in terms of history, culture and lifestyles. Cities like Fez and Marrakech have a history that dates back to the middle ages, in which many cultures have helped in the process of shaping these huge urban areas with their unique lifestyles. The imperial cities all have an old city (Medina), which has a very rich record of buildings and architectures from the ancient past. Guided tours around the historical sites of the imperial cities of Morocco are truly fascinating. For example Fez has the oldest university in the world. You can learn a lot about world history from such places in Morocco. The imperial cities of Morocco are also very sophisticated cities with a very modern lifestyle as well. The modern parts of the Moroccan imperial cities have malls, restaurants, five star hotels, bars, nightclubs…

  • Our recommendation.

Our clients seem to always give very positive feedbacks on our desert tours to Merzouga and Erg Chebbi. Perhaps because hotels and the structures of this place have a very keen dedication to make the tourists feel as comfortable and happy, especially since the desert environment can get harsh sometimes. The services in this place are satisfying and high quality. That’s why “prime Morocco Tours”  recommend Merzouga desert a lot.

If you need more information about the subject, please feel free to contact us.

Why book with Prime Morocco Tours?

“Prime Morocco Tours” is a travel agency that celebrates more than 15 years of touristic services and guided tours. We are the sons of the desert and we are Amazighs who love their land and identity; we think we have something special in our beloved Moroccan lands and we want to share it with whoever is interested. The services that we offer are our way of helping the foreigners to discover our land, and the quality of our services is motivated by our natural tendency as Berber Moroccans to be hospitable to strangers.

Customize your own Morocco dream trip with “Prime Morocco Tours”.

Our “Prime Morocco Tours” services allow the customer to take full control in customizing their own Morocco dream trip. We have our standard tours, which seem to be satisfying to our customers. However, if you want to customize your trip; things like: additional places to visit, travelling with your family or with your friends, and booking in different hotels, don’t hesitate to contact us… In “Prime Morocco Tours” our first aim is to give the tourist a wonderful experience, and if that means we customizing things according to each individual, so be it!

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