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Camel treks with two nights in the Sahara Desert

In the Sahara desert tours, you will go to spend a wonderful moments in your life because Moroccan desert is silent and it has magic environment. On this occasion, breathe freely and escape from your daily and routine and speak to your guide to explain you the truth of each symbol of this new culture you are with.

The trip of desert always begins at the afternoon. ride camel from hotel to cross Dunes of sand into the camp in middle of Sahara. It will take around an hour and half.

When we arrive at the camp, we will climb the Dunes to take a look at the fabulous sight of sunset, and take pictures to memorize this great moment. At this equipped camp, we will have an ambiance times with Berber singers. In fact, it is a big opportunity to know more about Berber culture. We will also take this advantage to show you the wonderful views of stars. And ultimately, we will have our dinner and go to sleep.

At the next early morning, we will climb the Dunes again to see sunrise after we are going to have a traditional breakfast. Therewith, we will travel by camel to visit Nomad people, and of course have lunch with them. After that we will come back to camp for taking a short break before going to have fun time at the Dunes and also visiting Oasis. At the afternoon, we will come back to spend another wonderful night in the camp. When it is morning, we will travel back to Merzouga to reserved hotel to have breakfast.

sahara desert tours

What are the Sahara Desert Tours? 

Sahara desert tours are the journeys that reach the Moroccan Sahara desert, either Merzouga desert, Er Chegag desert, Ouarzazate, or the big Sahara in South. Usually, these kinds of tours start from the imperial cities of Morocco and cross over several cities, towns and small Berber villages. Tourists like most to spend two or three nights in the desert because of its beauty and the calm that it offers to the visitors. Also, the Sahara desert tours are known with its enjoyable activities and its unique experiences including: Camel trekking, Sandboarding, Sand-bath, 4X4 journey, Buggy and Quad bike excursions. Some of the travelers go on a Sahara desert tours specially to watch the breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise as well as sleeping over sand dunes to attend the magical starry sky at night. People of this region are the most generous ones, so you may want to visit a Berber family while you’re there to know them also to test their delicious food.

Join one of our Sahara desert tours and live the adventure.   

Riding camels or dromedaries in the desert – Sahara Desert Tours 

This is an ideal means of transportation for traveling in the desert. It is also used by nomadic tribes. Camels or dromedaries are the animals of choice for those who want to explore the vast expanse of the Moroccan Sahara in optimal conditions, without noise and vibration. 

Some precautions must be observed. When the camel or dromedary stands up, it leans forward and backward. A passenger sitting comfortably in the leather saddle should hold the reins. Otherwise, you have to be careful not to fall over. Then allow yourself to become engrossed in the rhythmic and relaxed rocking of the animal. To avoid back pain after a day on the back of a camel or dromedary, it is best not to contract. However, once the camel or dromedary finds its rhythm of movement, its passenger calms down and can enjoy the pleasures of traveling through the desert. 

Before going on a journey on a camel or dromedary in your Sahara desert tours, several precautions must be taken. First of all, you must protect yourself from the sun and the wind, which may rise unexpectedly. It is highly recommended to wear a hat or turban on your head so that only your eyes are visible. Do not forget sunscreen, sunglasses and warm clothes, because the nights in the desert are very cold, and of course you need to drink fluids regularly. 

There are two types of trekking in the desert with camels and dromedaries: mechari (dromedaries carry luggage and the rest are passengers) and trekking on camels. In this case, the animals are only used to carry luggage and cargo, and the participants walk. 

The most beautiful treks on camels or dromedaries are done from the small village of Merzouga or you can trek the camel elsewhere in the Sahara desert of Morocco. Some take a few hours to admire the sunset behind the dunes, others can last several days or even two weeks, with alternating overnight stays in bivouacs and hotels. The camel herders who accompany the tourists are responsible for guarding and selecting bivouac sites. These kind of Sahara desert tours allow you to cross the Draa Valley, the Cheggag and Merzouga dunes, discover henna gardens, cave paintings and palm groves, and walk in the footsteps of ancient caravaners. 


How to explore the Moroccan Sahara Desert 

The Sahara Desert is made for lovers of extreme hiking or elevated natural landscapes. Morocco has the great advantage of having part of the Sahara Desert on its territory. It is also surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, which creates an amazing combination of landscapes. Ouarzazate is considered the gateway to the desert and offers breathtaking discoveries. A special feature of the Sahara Desert in Morocco is the abundance of oases that create a cool and very relaxing place. 

To explore the Sahara Desert, you must travel from the village of Merzouga by 4×4 car, but for the brave there is an opportunity to take a short walk on camels. Then the discovery of the Sahara Desert takes place in the Draa Valley. This river irrigates palm groves and oases before ending its course in the desert. Then it is the turn of the Lihoudi erg or Chebbi erg to see these extraordinary dunes that herald the Sahara Desert. You will drive through villages such as Ramlia or Chegaga to get to know more about the Moroccans who live in these arid and unproductive regions. Most desert tours last at least three days, with a bivouac under a tent, as the Berbers, the locals do. It is also an opportunity to taste typical Moroccan dishes prepared according to the purest Moroccan traditions. At the end of the meal, mint tea is traditionally served. A night in the desert is an unforgettable experience because it offers a spectacle of beauty. A wonderful way to imagine the life of nomads who live in this mysterious desert to the rhythm of the seasons. 

Sahara Desert tours are offered by our agency. Hiking tours are popular among experienced sportsmen and women who want to walk in the sublime Sahara Desert. Prices for these tours vary depending on the duration, type and type of accommodation. A desert tour may also include accommodations in a riad or hotel for greater comfort. Various levels are offered, and some tours with children are designed to last several hours. Choice by menu, day or week. The Sahara Desert Tours within reach also present the beautiful country of Morocco.

For Booking or for more details on how the Sahara Desert Tours are spent, please contact us.  

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