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When we’re talking about Morocco, we are talking about a country where there area old cities from the medieval times with old architecture, modern cities with modern lifestyles, small towns and villages with their unique ambience, and also one of the most diverse natural landscapes and geographies.

In Morocco there are sandy beaches, rocky coasts, beautiful rivers and lakes, plenty of valleys and waterfalls and of course the desert, which is the topic of our article.

The Moroccan Desert is a part of the Great Sahara Desert that I situated in the northern part of Africa. This desert is the largest in the world. Although Morocco has a only a little share of it, given that Morocco is relatively not a very big country, it doesn’t mean that it’s a poor portion. This portion that Morocco has is probably one of the richest in terms of activities, experiences and lifestyles.

Most importantly, there are many organized private tours that visit the Moroccan Desert for the sole purpose of providing the tourists with the full desert experience, and make sure that everyone enjoys the fun activities that a person can have in the desert.

This article is about the top 5 activities that you can enjoy doing in the Moroccan Desert. Stay with us to find out about these activities and what are they related to.

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Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

5.Camel rides.

Perhaps one of the first things that come to mind when we are talking about the Moroccan Desert is camels. These creatures are so fascinating, they have a very amazing shape of body and they make some cool sounds. Camels can bear extreme amounts of heat and physical strain, thanks to their biology that evolved them to be the perfect desert animal for humans to ride. Camels have been used by the locals since ancient times as means of traveling through the desert.

Now times in the Moroccan Desert there are plenty of camels that are dedicated for the sole purpose of camel rides by the tourists who are interested. Once you are in a spot where there’s camel trekking, you can easily learn how to ride a camel and explore the desert from the back of a camel which is a relatively high place.

 4.Desert dunes related activities.

There are all sorts of activities that are related to desert dunes, be it, for example the mere act of meditation while sitting on lying down and watching the golden grains of sand move in a magical way. Another one is being buried up to your neck for a little while for medical purposes or just relaxation. A third one is surfing down the high dunes and riding a quad bike. Or you can just lay there at night stargazing.

The locals build camps with modern and traditional tents in the middle of the dunes so that the visitors can spend a lot of time firsthand experiencing the wonders of the desert dunes. While you’re doing that you can even spot some forms of wildlife that has the desert as a habitat, foxes and lizards are only two examples.

Another thing the makes the Moroccan Desert a wholesome experience is the traditional drum music with campfire. The dunes at night are full of fun.


Discover Sahara Desert

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3. Kasbahs

A kasbah is an old fortress that has many buildings. However, nowadays they are basically big hotels in the desert. Morocco has plenty of those. Therefore your trip to the Moroccan Desert isn’t going to be just in the open. In fact the kasbahs are considered vey prestigious places, where all the requirements of comfort, meals and services are met. And there are also bars for people who enjoy the life of party.

Aside from all of that, these Kasbahs are designed as you might have guessed to be traditional looking with all of that Arabian desert architecture that you know from movies. The very thing that makes taking pictures in such a place an urge that must be satisfied.

 2. Paying a visit to the cities and villages in the desert.

The Moroccan Desert has one big advantage which is the fact that it’s surrounded by many cities, towns and villages, where visitors can spend some time. The inhabitants of these towns and villages are aware of the fact that tourists from all over the world come visit their regions, that’s why they are always available for help, be it guidance, food or selling souvenirs. In fact their economy depends a huge deal on tourism, the thing that pushes them to improve their services.

There are some big cities such as Marrakech, this city needs no introductions, it has probably the highest standards in Morocco when it comes to lifestyle and prestige.

There’s also Ouarzazat, the Hollywood of Morocco, where many famous international movies and series like Gladiator and game of thrones were filmed.

Other important cities are Errachidia, Arefoud and Erissani, which are known for their historical value in Morocco and also the high quality dates.

Tinghir is also a usual stop for people who visit Toudgha Gorges.

However, the most important stop in the desert is probably Merzouga, the city that has the fastest access to the desert dunes.


1 . The valleys and gorges.

Another thing that makes the Moroccan Desert a very special place for the tourists is the valleys and gorges that aren’t very far away from the dunes. These valleys and gorges offer to the tourist the opportunity to see some amazing landscapes and wildlife.

Ziz valley for example is so fascinating to the eyes with all it’s palm trees and the pure water that flows from Z river. Other valleys like the Roses valley and Dades valley are just amazing manifestations of Moroccan beauty.

Another important stop that is related to the Moroccan Desert is Toudgha Gorges. The narrow canyons and the water stream add a magical ambience to the place. And if you are a person who likes to climb, Toudgha Gorges are a good challenge.

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These top 5 activities that you can do in the Moroccan Desert are not meant to give you the impression that this place could be reduced only to what we have mentioned. The visit will show you how magical this desert is. These top 5 activities are only mentioned to give you a prior idea.

If you have visited the Moroccan Desert before please share with us your experience in the comments below. However, if you haven’t yet and you’re interested in making it there, contact our services. We will be very happy to offer you some help.

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