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Why you should Visit Marrakech City in Morocco? 

Why you should Visit Marrakech City in Morocco? 

Morocco, which has remained static during this period after numerous revolutions in the Eastern Maghreb countries, has seen an increase in tourism over the years. Morocco is becoming one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the diversification of tourism and promotion abroad. Agadir, Fez, Rabat, Tangier, and Marrakech, all these cities are scented with old stones, food, and tradition. 

It may be worthwhile to take advantage of this boom and visit the “Pearl of the South” for a few days. 

Moroccan People (Marrakechian) 

Marrakechians (yes, that’s what they call the people of Marrakech), speak foreign languages very well such us French, Spanish and English. The French are the most reluctant travelers to speak a foreign language while traveling, but they will be pleased to discover that they can express themselves in the language of Moliere on the other side of the Mediterranean. Marrakechian are very special: they are known with their jocks, fun and also talky. 

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Morocco is very close to Europe  

Fez was first established by the Idrissid dynasty, by the Sultan Idriss, who is allegedly the descendant of the Morocco is just around the corner. Only 3 hours by plane from Paris, it is the fastest African country to arrive from France. Ideal for the elderly, those with young children, and those who do not like flying. 

Important Strategic location  

Marrakech is at a crossroads. The city is located in the southern part of the country, between the sea to the west and the Sahara Desert to the south. Its proximity to the Atlas Mountains also makes it an ideal location for a variety of excursions. 

Climate in Marrakech 

As mentioned above, Marrakech is only a 3-hour flight from Paris, but this ochre city has a Mediterranean climate, averaging 18°C in winter and -10°C at home, with summers around 30°C and peaks over 40°C, perfect for sunbathing in mid-December for those depressed by seeing snowfall during the upcoming Christmas celebrations! The climate is ideal for sunbathing in mid-December for those who are depressed at the sight of snowfall during the upcoming Christmas celebrations. 

Discover Sahara Desert

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Delicious Food  

The city has enough good food to keep you here for a few days: pigeon almond pasta, tangia Marrakchia, lamb tagine with apricots, chicken tagine with lemon, and so much more. 

Affordable Prices  

Marrakech is an inexpensive city. Whether it’s lodging, food, transportation, or vacations, Morocco is on average 50 percent less expensive than Europe. Perfect for the budget traveler. At the southern gateway to Marrakech, the affluent traveler can dine at top restaurants, stay in luxury riads, and shop at Mamounia, Marrakech’s exclusive palace. This is also why celebrities all over the world are all buying properties here. 


Do you like to party and want to come to Morocco, but are worried that you may not be able to go out at night because of the country’s strong Islamic traditions? Morocco has many famous discos and you can enjoy partying just like in your country. 

The worth history of the Red city  

The last and most important reason to come to Marrakech is culture: founded in 1062 and with almost 1000 years of history, the city is full of attractions that will delight any history buff. Let’s touch on the following. 


Medina, the heart of the city and its historical center, with its many authentic riads, merahs (Jewish Quarter), and agdal gardens.

Attractions of the city of Marrakech: 

Jemaa el-Fna Square 

Koutoubiya Mosque 

Souk el-Hair 

Saadian tombs 

Various gardens (Agdal Garden, Majorelle Garden, El Harthi Garden, Menara Garden). 

Bahia Palace 

Medersa Ben Youssef 

The main Europe airports especially the French airports offer daily flights at attractive prices. A round-trip averages 150 euros. Contrary to popular belief, low-cost airlines do not always offer the lowest fares. 

Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

You will be stunned when you visit Marrakech 

Your trip to Marrakech is sure to be unlike any other, so get advice and suggestions from a travel guide like Primemoroccotours. You will have unique experiences and magical moments. 


Book early for your stay in Riad, a typical accommodation. Stay in the most luxurious riad in town, the Bahia Palace, and enjoy all the comforts of Morocco. At only €7 per night, you’re in for a treat! For the best of both worlds, book a room at the Grand Vizir Palace, where you can experience the sophistication of the Orient. 


To get even more out of Marrakech, climb to the top and see the city from a different angle. From the top of the Secret Garden Tower or the El Badi Palace, you will have a view that you will remember forever, and it is just beautiful! Also, visit the new town of Heriz, which retains traces of the West. 


But if you are more interested in the locals, visit the House of Photography. Old photographs take you back in time and introduce you to Moroccans of a bygone era. If you are looking for souvenirs, the market in the old town is a great place to buy natural foods and spices. You can also find bargains on rugs, lamps, medicinal herbs, etc. 

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