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Morocco is a diverse country and can be a nation of nations the same as America! Morocco with its strong Berber, Arab and European influences is a dream destination for a change of pace. It has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers, but the climate varies greatly from region to region due to its geographical diversity. 


What makes Morocco the most beautiful land in North Africa?

From Arabian Nights-like magical palaces to beautiful gardens, bustling bazaars intoxicated with the smell of spices, constantly passing streets, and breathtaking beaches, Morocco is a feast for the senses.

A lot of entertainment options push travel lovers to choose a special destination, including culture, relaxation, and sports. However, Morocco is a destination that offers its visitors all the entertainment options.  A stay in Morocco is also an opportunity to discover delicious local cuisine and relax on the beach or in a natural hammam.

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

Moroccan seasons and climate: best time to visit Morocco

Morocco has a pleasant climate all year round, although the south is drier. Summers are sunny but can get very hot, especially when the sirocco (a scorching wind that carries Saharan dust) blows.

To get the most out of your stay in Morocco, travel in spring and autumn, especially in April, May, and October. This allows you to avoid rainy and hot and humid days.


Is it good to visit Morocco during Ramadan?

In Morocco, you can travel during Ramadan (dates change each year). For Muslims, it is a holy time of difference in their daily lives. Tourists are still welcome and it is an opportunity for cultural and spiritual enrichment, brotherhood, and exchange. Of course, local customs need to be observed to avoid making mistakes at this time.


Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities


Marrakech, the city of magic, is an ancient imperial city with a very rich historical and cultural heritage. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, this vibrant city offers architectural wonders.

Marrakech Palm Grove, with 10,000 trees on 15,000 hectares, can be explored on quad bikes or camels. Don’t miss the Majorelle Botanical Gardens, where the buildings glow blue even in winter.

Architecture and history buffs should visit the Marrakech Museum in the Dar Mnevi Palace. And no trip to Marrakech would be complete without a stroll around Jemaa el Fna Square and a visit to the souks.

The best time to visit Marrakech is in spring, from March to June, and in autumn, from September to the end of November. Temperatures are pleasant, ranging from 23°C to 28°C. Morocco has a very mild climate all year round. So the winters are warm and somehow you can spend time on the beach.


Morocco has several coastal cities that should not be missed, including Essaouira and Agadir. The best time to visit Agadir is from March to November. Winters are very mild and ideal for seaside walks. The Pearl of Morocco will amaze you with its beauty. Its beaches are said to be the most beautiful in North Africa.

They are ideal for surfing and relaxing in the sun. Enjoy the idyllic oases of the Paradise Valley and Massa Desert. The Croco Park is a spectacular exotic garden with up to 300 Nile crocodiles.

Or visit Agadir’s museums, such as the Bad Flint Municipal Museum, with its collection of traditional Moroccan artifacts, and the Amazigh Heritage Museum, where you can admire Berber jewellery, carpets, and amulets.

Morocco is a land of contrasts – sunny beaches, arid deserts, bustling cities, and snow-capped mountain peaks – and its extraordinary beauty is a magnet for visitors. Be enchanted by the casual lifestyle of this magnificent country and have an unforgettable experience. 

In brief:

Morocco is a destination for all seasons! Your visit depends on your vacation date. What you must know is that whenever you come to Morocco, you will have a lot of things to do and different places to visit; each depends on the season when it becomes worth to be visited. Of course, you will know the best places to visit in a particular season through a help tour guide.   

How could a Morocco travel agency be helpful in your trip?

How could a Morocco travel agency be helpful in your trip?

Traveling to a different country could be adventurous if you trip lonely and plan your own program! However, you may not have a satisfying experience or you may not spend your holiday as you have planned. A great tour plan needs: time, awareness, money, vehicle, travel-procedures etc. So, when you think of all of this, you think that traveling to another country in a new experience seems impossible! But not if you choose a local travel agency for several reasons that we are going to discover together in this article.


Why choose a Morocco travel agency for your next travel tour?

1- Saving time

Planning a trip and thinking of all the arrangements you need for a comfortable tour is time-consuming. Indeed, we are living in an accelerated world where time is accounted for by gold. Also, our holidays are shorter and instead of spending a great time we lose it thinking of how we could spend our holiday in a luxury way. That’s why you should book your next tour in Morocco with a local travel agency to save your time and enjoy your holiday along your stay. 

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

2- They are more efficient   

Planning tours is the local travel agencies’ expertise. Because of their experience in tourism, tour trips organizing and other services, travel agencies are more efficient to offer you the dream holiday or a comfortable tour. For you, it’s hard to know everything about a new country or place: where to go, where to eat, what are the must-see sites, where to stay, how to move…. It’s normal because it’s your first time to be there. However, when you book with a local travel agency, you wouldn’t care much about all the details. Most of the local travel agencies have popular tours that show what the itinerary looks like and you choose the proper one for you. Or, you can plan your tour with them deciding what you want to include as well as what you don’t want to include. The travel agency is your tour guide when you hire it. They are closer to the inhabitants of their country, speak the local variety and also know their country very well. They will translate to you and help you access smoothly during your stay. These agencies and because of their experience create good relations with other sectors and services such as hotels, accommodations, restaurants, shops etc. Primemoroccotours is a Morocco travel agency that you can work with and book your next tour for an unforgettable experience.


3- Save your money 

Money is the first thing we think of before traveling to another place. And the budget of travel is changing from one to another; depending on where you’re traveling and what kind of travel you’re going to have (luxury,normal etc). But if the country you’re planning to visit is Morocco, money is not a big problem especially if you choose to travel with a local travel agency. Usually, Morocco travel agencies get only one pay; when you book you pay only one with a lot of services including the important ones such as: the pick up & drop off, driver (speaks several languages for translating), the vehicle, and a tour guide itinerary includes what you will visit (cities, spots and sites) and what to do (activities) along the tour. What if I choose to travel on my own and do everything by myself? That’s a good question! In this case you have to count every single stuff and all things you will need for the trip on your plan.      


Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

4- Get a Comfortable tour

Everybody when he/she plans for a new tour trip wants to have a comfortable experience and to have an extraordinary adventure. However, if you plan to do the tour by yourself you may not have a comfortable tour as you wished. Because of bad choices you may make, especially if you didn’t get any guide from people who had the experience before (your friends, or someone you know had the same tour) and you didn’t get any advice from tour guides of the target place. So, you may choose a bad hotel or accommodation, the wrong vehicle, and visit the wrong places which are not as attractive as you thought. By the end of your tour, you feel regret and you wish you hadn’t. On the other hand, if you choose a Morocco travel agency for tripping in Morocco, also if you are lucky enough to book with the best travel agency, you will definitely have a comfortable tour and an unforgettable experience. As we have said so far, local travel agencies are more expertise and the people you will work with are efficient: they know where to take you, what is worth the visit, which accommodation is best to stay, which roads are good for traveling, where to stop, better know of the local languages etc.


Everyone dreams of a wonderful tour but sadly, they may not choose wisely! To not be one of them and to avoid the bad feeling of regret by the end of your trout trip, think twice and choose wisely. A Moroccan local travel agency might be the best option for your next holiday in Morocco. But not any travel agency, choose the best one to save your time, money and to have a comfortable tour as well. Primemoroccotours is welcoming you to your second home Morocco.  

Summer Vacation in Morocco: Live an Enjoyable Time 

Summer Vacation in Morocco: Live an Enjoyable Time 

Morocco is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. This is mainly due to its hotel infrastructure, enchanting landscapes, beaches, historical sites, and many other attractions. The magnificent oriental landscapes will transport you to the world of “One Thousand and One Nights”. If you decide to spend your vacation in Morocco this summer, here are five valuable tips for an unforgettable vacation. 


Prepare a checklist before you go to Morocco this summer! 

Summer vacations in Morocco are characterized by beautiful sunshine and mild nights. The weather can be quite bearable at this time of year. In addition to your passport, ID card, and other basic travel documents acceptable to the Moroccan government, it is important to choose appropriate clothing for the climate. Be sure to wear light, loose-fitting clothing (T-shirts, shorts, etc.). Avoid clothes that are too short or flashy to avoid attracting attention. 

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

Choose a private travel agency for your summer holiday in Morocco 

There are many different types of travel agencies available in Morocco. However, you have to choose the right one for you and which will offer the suitable tour trip for you. The safest and most convenient way to spend an unforgettable summer holiday in Morocco, is by booking a private tour trip.  


To take advantage of this secure service for your Moroccan vacation this summer, for example, simply book through the Primemoroccotours website. On this site you will find your suitable tour from wherever you arrive in Morocco, you will find your driver waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel or accommodation. There are also vehicle categories to choose from according to your budget, making it affordable for everyone. Private tours with chauffeur are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you more freedom of movement. 


In most cases, the price of each tour trip service is calculated based on your detailed information. That way, you already know how much it will cost when you book. With a dedicated driver, you will be able to move around comfortably during your stay in Morocco. 


During the summer holiday, why go to Morocco? 

If you want to spend a memorable experience, then Morocco is the best destination for your next summer holiday. Plan your tour trip to visit the most attractions of Morocco and the important thing you should be concern with is to spend a wonderful time without regretting by the end of your holiday. 

Morocco and besides its rich history, offers different spectacular landscapes and which captivating visitors’ hearts with its charm views. The strategic geography of Morocco also is another factor of choosing Morocco as an international tourism place receiving millions of tourists each year. Morocco located along the Mediterranean See and the Atlantic Ocean which make the Coastal cities and North of the kingdom quite mild. In fact, Morocco has the best beaches with a charming view thanks to its See and Ocean. However, in the center there is the Atlas (the High Atlas, Middel Atlas and Anti-Atlas) here is the mountains lie. This region known with the frozen weather in the winter and that’s because of the lot of snow. Also, there is the South which is known with its golden Sahara desert, usually the region known with its hot climate in the summer and cold by the winter. Last but not least, there is the South-east or as it is called ‘the gate of the big Sahara’. Here you can visit the small Berber villages and enjoy the Oasis palm trees, Daraa Valley, Daraa Gorges and desert of Merzouga.   

Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

Summer Holidays in Morocco: Live a beautiful time with your family! 

When you go on holiday with your family, it’s an exciting time to share, you know. Morocco offers many activities for the whole family, especially children. For example, you can visit the bazaars of the Medina, watch snake charmers perform their tricks in the Jemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech, or go on a small mule trek in the Atlas Mountains. 

The colorful spice markets will not leave you wanting more. Around Essaouira, long, beautiful beaches welcome you on sunny days. Little ones can chase seagulls and parents can enjoy surfing the waves. 

Choose comfortable accommodations in Morocco this summer 

When it comes to lodging, hotels in Morocco are the most comfortable places to stay, especially in the summer. They have all the conditions for a restful and comfortable sleep. However, we recommend that you make your reservations at least a few days before your departure. This is important so that you will not have trouble finding accommodations there. 

When making a reservation, be sure to receive a confirmation email just in case. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to stay in a hotel, you have the option of staying in a private hostel. These hostels have a reputation for being cozy and comfortable. 

Why you should Visit Marrakech City in Morocco? 

Why you should Visit Marrakech City in Morocco? 

Morocco, which has remained static during this period after numerous revolutions in the Eastern Maghreb countries, has seen an increase in tourism over the years. Morocco is becoming one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the diversification of tourism and promotion abroad. Agadir, Fez, Rabat, Tangier, and Marrakech, all these cities are scented with old stones, food, and tradition. 

It may be worthwhile to take advantage of this boom and visit the “Pearl of the South” for a few days. 

Moroccan People (Marrakechian) 

Marrakechians (yes, that’s what they call the people of Marrakech), speak foreign languages very well such us French, Spanish and English. The French are the most reluctant travelers to speak a foreign language while traveling, but they will be pleased to discover that they can express themselves in the language of Moliere on the other side of the Mediterranean. Marrakechian are very special: they are known with their jocks, fun and also talky. 

Tours from Fes

Tours and trips that starts from fes to the desert and other several cities.

Morocco is very close to Europe  

Fez was first established by the Idrissid dynasty, by the Sultan Idriss, who is allegedly the descendant of the Morocco is just around the corner. Only 3 hours by plane from Paris, it is the fastest African country to arrive from France. Ideal for the elderly, those with young children, and those who do not like flying. 

Important Strategic location  

Marrakech is at a crossroads. The city is located in the southern part of the country, between the sea to the west and the Sahara Desert to the south. Its proximity to the Atlas Mountains also makes it an ideal location for a variety of excursions. 

Climate in Marrakech 

As mentioned above, Marrakech is only a 3-hour flight from Paris, but this ochre city has a Mediterranean climate, averaging 18°C in winter and -10°C at home, with summers around 30°C and peaks over 40°C, perfect for sunbathing in mid-December for those depressed by seeing snowfall during the upcoming Christmas celebrations! The climate is ideal for sunbathing in mid-December for those who are depressed at the sight of snowfall during the upcoming Christmas celebrations. 

Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

Delicious Food  

The city has enough good food to keep you here for a few days: pigeon almond pasta, tangia Marrakchia, lamb tagine with apricots, chicken tagine with lemon, and so much more. 

Affordable Prices  

Marrakech is an inexpensive city. Whether it’s lodging, food, transportation, or vacations, Morocco is on average 50 percent less expensive than Europe. Perfect for the budget traveler. At the southern gateway to Marrakech, the affluent traveler can dine at top restaurants, stay in luxury riads, and shop at Mamounia, Marrakech’s exclusive palace. This is also why celebrities all over the world are all buying properties here. 


Do you like to party and want to come to Morocco, but are worried that you may not be able to go out at night because of the country’s strong Islamic traditions? Morocco has many famous discos and you can enjoy partying just like in your country. 

The worth history of the Red city  

The last and most important reason to come to Marrakech is culture: founded in 1062 and with almost 1000 years of history, the city is full of attractions that will delight any history buff. Let’s touch on the following. 


Medina, the heart of the city and its historical center, with its many authentic riads, merahs (Jewish Quarter), and agdal gardens.

Attractions of the city of Marrakech: 

Jemaa el-Fna Square 

Koutoubiya Mosque 

Souk el-Hair 

Saadian tombs 

Various gardens (Agdal Garden, Majorelle Garden, El Harthi Garden, Menara Garden). 

Bahia Palace 

Medersa Ben Youssef 

The main Europe airports especially the French airports offer daily flights at attractive prices. A round-trip averages 150 euros. Contrary to popular belief, low-cost airlines do not always offer the lowest fares. 

Discover The Valleys of morocco

With Prime morocco tours,You can discover the Valleys and the panoramic views of gorges

You will be stunned when you visit Marrakech 

Your trip to Marrakech is sure to be unlike any other, so get advice and suggestions from a travel guide like Primemoroccotours. You will have unique experiences and magical moments. 


Book early for your stay in Riad, a typical accommodation. Stay in the most luxurious riad in town, the Bahia Palace, and enjoy all the comforts of Morocco. At only €7 per night, you’re in for a treat! For the best of both worlds, book a room at the Grand Vizir Palace, where you can experience the sophistication of the Orient. 


To get even more out of Marrakech, climb to the top and see the city from a different angle. From the top of the Secret Garden Tower or the El Badi Palace, you will have a view that you will remember forever, and it is just beautiful! Also, visit the new town of Heriz, which retains traces of the West. 


But if you are more interested in the locals, visit the House of Photography. Old photographs take you back in time and introduce you to Moroccans of a bygone era. If you are looking for souvenirs, the market in the old town is a great place to buy natural foods and spices. You can also find bargains on rugs, lamps, medicinal herbs, etc. 

Planning a Trip to Morocco: 2024/2025 Travel to Morocco   

Planning a Trip to Morocco: 2024/2025 Travel to Morocco  

Get your Guide to Plan your trip to Morocco

Planning a trip to Morocco and looking for reliable travel tips? This page will help you plan such an experience-filled trip. Morocco is just a few hours by plane from Europe, yet it feels like you’ve entered a completely different world. Morocco is the perfect place for a road trip: adventure, oriental charm, and a pleasantly warm climate. 


In this article, we have compiled our knowledge from experience and advice for traveling in Morocco so you can prepare for your trip in the best possible way. When is the best time to travel? How safe is it to travel to Morocco, and how do you get from one city to another? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this special Morocco guide. Enjoy reading. 

Is there any special time to travel to Morocco? 

Because of the diverse landscapes, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has no specific time to visit. Actually, traveling to Morocco depends on you: when is your vacation, what type of trips you want, what you want to do in Morocco, and more. Only through these details, you can identify the proper time to travel to Morocco.  

For example; if you like desert trips and desert adventures, you can visit Morocco in the winter to enjoy the hot sun during the day and the cold climate at night. Also, you can experience a lot of fun activities:  

In the desert, you can experience camel trekking, sandboarding, sand-bath, 4X4, buggy, quad bike excursion, etc.  

While in the Atlas Mountains, you can visit Berber villages which wear snow in winter. Also, join the snowboarding in the Mountains (Oukaimeden (oukaïmeden)). 

Visiting Morocco in the summer 

Morocco and because of its strategic location which lies along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea, has a charmed beach that attracts internal and external tourists. The most known Moroccan beaches and the beautiful ones are Las Cuevas Beach ‘Asilah’, Martil Beach, Dragon beach ‘Dakhla Peninsula’, Sidi Kaouki (for surfing lovers), Sidia beach, Agadir beach, Essaouira beach, and Oualidia Lagoon. Moroccan beaches are known for their tranquility, cleaning, golden small sands, and panoramic sunset also several music festivals and shows are organized by a lot of famous artists. There is no difference between Maldives’ beaches and Morocco’s beaches, the latter are more marvelous! 


How safe Morocco is?  

The essential question you should ask before each new travel is how safe is the targeted destination for your safety first as well as a comfortable journey. However, Morocco is one of the safe countries in North Africa, receiving millions of tourists each year. Moroccan safety goes back to security and political stability. Also, it’s generous people who are known for their simplicity and hospitality. Morocco is a multilingual country, in addition to its diverse and rich culture. So, it’s common to see Mosques wherever you go and Synagogues as well. The kingdom was built on the notion of religious tolerance. However, like all countries in the whole world in Morocco also there are thieves who require caution when you walk around the narrow streets of big cities. Generally, Morocco is a safe country that you can visit with comfort.    

Discover Sahara Desert

You can discover the desert of merzouga with our tours that start from a several cities

Transport of Morocco: how to move from one city to another or within the same city? 

The kingdom has great transport that includes: airports, buses, Trains, high-speed trains (TGV), and taxis. Here in Morocco and even if there are planes that can take you from one city to another, however, that’s not common. Unusually, Moroccan people choose the big bus to travel from one city to another, Train, or grand taxi. Within the city, Moroccans use the city bus or city taxi (or as it’s known here as ‘Petit Taxi’) to move from A to B in the same city. 

Tour trips actually being more comfortable with your personal car, renting a car, or traveling with a private travel agency such as “PRIMEMORROCOTOURS”. Because of three main reasons: first is to save time, so you will not need to wait for the bus or train’s time to travel or ask people to redirect you to the target station. The second one is saving money, thus, using public transport might be quite expensive. Third, when you book with a private travel agency, you will find your driver waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel and be with you during your stay in Morocco. So that raises a little bit the trust in your safety which will make you more comfortable and confident.  

Where to start your tour in Morocco?

Tours in Morocco have no special depart site, you can start a trip from Fes, Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca, Rabat, Ouarzazate, or any other city in Morocco. However, it’s better to start your tour of Morocco from a crossword city that is close to the most breathtaking landscapes and popular tourism destinations in Morocco; such as the city of Marrakech. This vibrant city is known for its souks, colorful markets, and traditional architecture. Visit the famous Jemaa el Fna square, explore the winding alleyways of the Medina, or take a camel ride in the Sahara. Other popular cities and sights to explore from Marrakech include Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Ourika Valley, Merzouga, Zagora, Fez, Tangier, Essaouira, and Casablanca.

how to know the budget you need for your Moroccan trip?

The cost of a trip to Morocco can vary greatly depending on the type of trip you’re planning, the length of your stay, and your chosen activities. A budget-friendly trip can be possible, even with flights and accommodation included. To determine the budget you need for your Moroccan trip, consider the following:

1. Length of your stay: How long do you plan to stay in Morocco?

If you are planning a short weekend getaway, you will likely need less than someone who is staying for a week or longer.

2. Accommodation: Where do you plan to stay during your trip?

If you’re looking to save money, there are plenty of inexpensive hostels and guesthouses in Morocco, as well as Airbnb options.

3. Transportation: How will you get around Morocco?

If you plan to take public transportation, you can save money by buying tickets in advance.

4. Activities: What activities do you plan to do?

Many of Morocco’s attractions are free or very affordable, but others, like camel rides and cooking classes, can be more expensive.

5. Food: What will you eat?

Eating at local restaurants and street food stalls can be a great way to save money, but if you prefer to eat at more upscale restaurants, your food costs will be higher.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you should have an idea of the budget you need for your Moroccan trip.

Plan your Morocco desert tours wisely

Planning a desert tour in Morocco should include the departing time, destination, transport, road, stops, accommodations, desert activities, budget, and return date. For instance, planning a Morocco desert tour from Marrakech will go as follows:

Depart time: depends on when you arrive in Morocco.

Depart City: Begin your trip from Marrakech, a vibrant city full of culture and the perfect place to start your desert adventure. Visit some of the city’s most famous landmarks such as the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadian Tombs, and the souks in the Medina.

Destination: Head to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Erg Chebbi is the most famous of all the Moroccan desert dunes and is a great place to spend the night. Enjoy a camel ride into the desert, explore the sand dunes, take photos, and watch the stunning sunset.

Stops: Visit Ouarzazate. This is one of the largest towns in the region and is the perfect place to explore the culture of the area. Visit the Kasbah of Taourirt, the Skoura oasis, and the Todra Gorge for spectacular views.

Desert activities: Explore the desert of Merzouga. It is a small village near Erg Chebbi and is the gateway to the Sahara Desert. Spend the night in a traditional Berber tent, take a 4×4 tour of the sand dunes, and visit the nearby lake.

End of the desert tour: your trip will end in Marrakech or Fes. Fes is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities and is home to Fes el Bali, the largest Medina in the world. Explore the city’s streets, visit the souks, and take a cooking class to learn about Moroccan cuisine.

Return time: depends on the deadline of your plane ticket/ deadline vacation.

Budget of the tour: a 3-day desert tour from Marrakech for example may cost you 125£, less, or more per person if you travel with a travel agency. Travel agencies include accommodations, take-in, and drop-off in the total price, but if you travel alone you may spend more money.


Trip planning Website

Prime Morocco Tour is a website that allows tourists to plan their trips to Morocco. It provides an easytouse interface for users to search for suit tours, destinations, sightseeing, and other travel services. Travelers can also customize and manage their itineraries, as well as share their plans with friends and family. Prime Morocco also offers discounts and loyalty programs to help users save money on their travel expenses. Additionally, the website provides travel tips and advice to help tourists make the most of their trips wisely.

In brief:

Morocco is worth being discovered of its rich culture, the hospitality of the Moroccan people, and diverse breathtaking landscapes. You will never regret being in Morocco or getting bored. Since your arrival in Morocco, you will enjoy your tour trip by visiting its most attractions, oldest cities, and UNESCO sites which are still maintained and well-preserved. Join one of Morocco’s desert tours and live a unique experience that will never forget. By the end of your reading, we would like to hear from you in the comment below when you will plan your tour to Morocco.

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